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In this commemoration year, looking at the 40-year history of the Association, we are proud
to announce that SLA Berlin, was very successful in reaching our main statutory objectives
of introducing the Sri Lankan culture in Germany, initiating and executing humanitarian aid
projects in Sri Lanka as well as conducting educational activities. Celebrated musicians,
dance troupes & artistes from Sri Lanka were invited to perform on our stages, in Berlin and
celebrate Sri Lankan culture. It gives us great pleasure in having organised these events,
but we are especially proud of being able to promote the talents of our community, in
Berlin, by providing dancing lessons and workshops and thereby offering an opportunity
for the talented youths to perform on a public stage attracting both Germans and Sri
From our point of view, it is very important in supplementing the integration in this
contemporary society, while maintaining the cultural identity as far as possible. Language is
a very significant factor in this regard. Therefore, 14 years ago, the Sri Lanka Association
e.V. founded the “BerlinSri” School, with the aim of offering an opportunity for the children
born-and-bred here of Sri Lankan origin, to learn and improve the Singhalese language. The
school continues to be of paramount importance to the Association. The school lessons
were extended further, offering Sinhala classes to the citizens of our host country too.
It is also of major importance for members of a foreign community – in order not to forget
their roots – to read in their mother language. In order to offer this service to the members
of our community, since 2006, we have established a library with almost 2000 Sri Lankan
We acknowledge that education is a significant medium in making the world a better place.
Therefore, we have undertaken to support a school in a rural village in Sri Lanka, to
renovate or build and improve the infrastructure and furnish the school by supplying
equipment, school furniture and educational material; providing a snack daily and in
addition, by offering a provisions-package for their families, regularly.
The most important of all the projects we sponsor, is the help-project for orphans and semiorphans in Sri Lanka which came to being soon after the Tsunami, in 2005, viz.,
“Kinderhilfsprojekt- A better Future for Children in Sri Lanka”. Within the framework of this
assignment, we continuously assist 24 children with means of a livelihood and supplying
necessary resources for their education. The children are taken care of, by a psychologically
as well as pedagogically competent team, in Sri Lanka. Promotion of the educational career
of our children is an integral part of our project.
The Sri Lanka Association Berlin e.V. is a registered society, recognised as a charity
organisation, guided by principles of neutrality, impartiality, independence and tolerance.

Translation of the Press Release _40 years SLA